Your Small Business Sidekick

Sometimes it’s a real grind to run your own business. To manage employees, deal with taxes, respond to customer requests, make sure your financials are up to date and then of course somewhere in between you must develop an effective sales, marketing and growth plan. Leading a companies growth, marketing and sales effort is a huge task in its our right. How will you be successful without any help? Maybe you have some help but how do you know if it’s generating effective results? It’s possible you have employees that are simply not getting the job done or you are overspending on outdated and ineffective marketing efforts.

We would be honored to speak with you about your uphill battle. Let’s discuss options and allow us to assess your situation. We will listen and then think a lot afterwards. Probably then we will think some more and we will sleep and dream about what is possible. We will then want to share our ideas and plan with you and who knows; maybe we decide to partner and we move your business performance to the next level!

Our goal here at Breakthrough Consulting is to propose and implement the best sales, inbound marketing and social media programs that will allow you and your business to thrive. We understand the demands that are on you. With our experience and approach we can attain success together. Let us be your small business sidekick!

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