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Improve Your Networking Skills With These Tips

Everyone has their own interpretation of what networking means and how one should behave at a networking event. Many have the attitude of “quantity is king” and they will race through events collecting as many business cards as possible without taking the time to establish quality rapport with other professionals. Hopefully, this isn’t the way […]

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Sales Mistakes To Avoid

No matter what activity you do, whether its playing an instrument, playing golf or conducting sales meetings. You will make mistakes. Your experience and ability to reduce or even eliminate those mistakes will determine your success level in said activity. Don’t make a habit of these because they surely will make you look like an […]

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Win New Customers With LinkedIn: 4 Tips

Regardless of the size of your company, LinkedIn can be an excellent way to find new customers, according to Michael Pedone of Here’s his step-by-step method: 1. Conduct appropriately targeted searches. First, you probably want to sign up for a LinkedIn Premium account, because you’ll get bigger and better search results that way. However, you can […]

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